Why should you book a discovery call with Cultro Group?

Our focus is growing companies for scale by increasing revenue and cutting costs. Cultro Group is adept at leveraging technology, on-demand workforce platforms, and data analytics in the service of tangible outcomes. Three things define our approach:

1. We focus on agility and faster time-to-value. That means shorter project lifecycles and greater value for our clients. Being 100% distributed, we have lower overhead and reduced resource costs.

2. Cultro Group has partnerships across industries so we can close the gap between idea and execution. We have the best professional and subject matter experts in Creative, Digital Marketing, Manufacturing, Technology, Accounting, Finance and HR. Our team is 100% distributed and works virtually so we are easily scalable and draw from a global talent pool.

3. As a trusted advisor committed to integrity of service, we provide an objective viewpoint that comes with experience and exposure to a variety of industries. It starts with a Discovery Call. We discuss your company, goals (financial, customer-related, operational) and challenges. The aim of the call is for us to understand your unique problems. You should also know who we are and what we do. If it makes sense to proceed, we can perform a limited professional assessment. That assessment states the objectives, phase methodology, your responsibilities, the expected results and the deliverables.