Point Value Checklist

Welcome to your Point Value Checklist

Above 7: Your small business is healthy and well positioned. Look at improving any area where the score was negative.
4 to 7: At risk! Key parts of your business need to be improved.
0 to 3: Your business is in danger of insolvency this year!

1. Add 2 points if the company is cash flow positive at month end. Subtract 2 points if monthly cash flow is negative.
2. Determine your Quick Ratio:Quick Ratio = Cash + Cash Equivalents + Accounts Receivable + Short-Term Investments ÷ Current Liabilities
Give yourself 2 points if the coompany's ratio us above one.
Subtract 2 points if it is below 1.
3. Does your business have recurring customer revenue that is automatically billed every month? Add 2 points if that is true or take away 1 point if the company need to recreate its revenue stream each month.
4. Add 1 point if most of the company's expenses are variable. Subtract 1 point if most of the companies expenses are fixed.
5. Can you take a month off and not be concerned your business will suffer financially? Add 2 points if your management team is collaborative. Subtract a point if the management structure is autocratic.
6. Add 2 points if key personnell are retained for at least 5 years. Add 1 point if retained for 3-5 years. Subtract a point if key personnel are retained for 2 years or less.
7. Does your company have a strategic marketing plan? Add a point if your key employees can articulate it today. Subtract a point if they cannot.
8. Give yourself 2 points if you have a systematic sales and marketing plan in place. Subtract 2 points if your marketing efforts are instead improvisational.
9. Are you executing consistent nurture marketing integrated with a CRM? If yes, add a point. Add an additional point if the business has ERP system in place for improving operational processes. Subtract 2 points if these systems are not integrated.
10. Add a point if company leadership has a functioning advisory board or the CEO participates in a peer advisory group. Subtract a point if there is no functioning advisory board and the CEO is not in a peer-level advisory group.