People, Ideas and Technology

“People, Ideas and Technology. In that order.”

Those words have been attributed to US Air Force fighter pilot John Boyd. Boyd’s thinking and strategies have been enormously influential in the military, sports and business. Whether Boyd actually said it has been a matter of dispute but historians believe it reflects his thinking.

Boyd believed in People, Ideas and Technology but emphasized the primacy of people because they are responsible for the other two. Although Boyd died almost a quarter century ago, his emphasis on the primacy of people continues to resonate in an increasingly automated world. People are your most important resource. As such, your success depends on a putting them in a position where they can best succeed in a changing environment. What are you doing to that end?

Is your organization recruiting the best people? Are you retaining key personnel? Do your people feel needed and appreciated? How you recruit and retain people needs to keep pace with the changing environment. Increasingly, small business is turning to outside professionals that have an expertise with these challenges.

Post shutdown, business needs to consider the value of a distributed workforce and cater to the demands of an evolving employment market. If your workforce is distributed, how do you maintain a team ethos and cohesive culture? Can employees work remotely and be productive if children are unexpectedly at home doing online school? Office configuration is once again a hot topic. Small business is increasingly looking to outside professional advisors to help answer these questions.

Successful organizations learn how to innovate and find creative solutions to these challenges. Because small business has limited resources and management is focused on their core business, a trusted professional advisor is often crucial to the development and implementation of a successful people strategy.