Outside help

Why do Stakeholders bring in outside help?

Business owners and senior management know their operational pain points—so why bring in an outsider that is not as familiar with day-to-day operations to solve problems? Stakeholders are increasingly looking to outside professionals for help addressing operational concerns because they have the time, resources and expertise to best address and implement solutions.

Additional reasons to seek outside professional business help include: an objective perspective, part-time supplement for internal staff, act as a catalyst for change, teach and provide specific expertise.

Professional advisory firms cultivate an expertise by working with a portfolio of clients facing similar challenges. Revenue, profitability, and personnel concerns are among the most often cited challenges for small business. The right advisor will have experience addressing these issues and can bring a fresh perspective to the client. Typical services include strategy development, optimizing business processes and cost reduction programs.

Finding the Right Partner

The market for professional service advisors and project-based consulting is competitive. Clients are demanding more than a traditional vendor relationship. Having a familiarity with a client’s particular pain points is crucial. It’s also critical an advisor demonstrate their value proposition. Increasingly, outside partners are being tasked with both strategy and project execution. Smaller agencies are able to do this with a distributed, agile workforce. Greater agility means shorter project lifecycles and faster time-to-value, providing greater value for clients.